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Addressing our greenhouse gas emissions is a key component of our Mission Zero® commitment. We are striving to become a carbon neutral company by measuring, reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions (FRONT #2). In addition, we implemented employee programs to help address their emissions and we sell carbon neutral products through our Cool Carpet™ program, one of the first in the world.


Measuring Emissions

Interface® calculates its global greenhouse gas emissions using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, allowing us to analyze and report our emissions reductions. We also use life cycle assessment to measure the footprint of our products for our Cool Carpet program. We disclose our annual inventory and progress on this site and through the Climate Disclosure Project.

  • To view a copy of our latest CDP Supply Chain response CLICK HERE.



Emissions Reductions

We have reduced our net greenhouse gas emissions per unit of product from manufacturing sites by 95% from 1996 to 2016 through diverse strategies including process efficiencies, energy efficiencies (such as lighting and equipment replacement), fuel switching, direct use of renewable energy and use of market-based renewable energy instruments.

[Net GHG emissions are gross emissions less the carbon benefits of market-based renewable energy instruments such as Directed Biogas and Green Gas Certificates for thermal energy, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for electricity in North America and Asia and Guarantee of Origin (GOs) in Europe.]

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Partnership and Collaboration

In order to support emissions measurement and management efforts, Interface is a member of the Carbon Disclosure Project, publicly disclosing the details of its greenhouse gas inventory and climate strategy. Our most recent disclosure can be found here.

In addition, Interface has made a Zero CO2 Emissions commitment as part of the Clinton Global Initiative, committing to achieving net zero CO2 emissions by 2020.

We were early participants in several emissions reporting and reduction initiatives and have actively engaged in various climate-related partnerships including: United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Climate Neutral Network, Chicago Climate Exchange, U.S. EPA Climate Leaders, The Climate Group, Pew Center on Global Climate Change Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC), and the World Resource Institute’s Climate-Safe Business Network.