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Mapping and reducing our global transportation footprint (FRONT #5) has led us to create and partner with innovative programs that address transportation-related impacts from product shipping to business travel and more.


Internal Transportation Programs


  • Cool Travel™ – Program designed to track and neutralize the carbon emissions from employee business air travel. We purchased and retired over 3,400 metric tonnes of verified emissions credits to offset the impact of 16 million air miles.
  • Cool Fuel™ – Program to track and offset carbon emissions from company cars. Interface purchases certified carbon offsets to balance the carbon emissions of our corporate fleet. Interface has purchased 4.5 million gallons of Cool Fuel and retired 47,000 metric tonnes of certified carbon offsets as a result of this program.
  • Cool CO2mmute™ – Program offering Interface employees the opportunity to neutralize the emissions from their daily commutes and personal travel. Interface matches employee contributions to purchase tree plantings that neutralize carbon emissions from their commutes. More than 79,000 trees have been planted since this program began in 2002.

Transportation Efficiency Initiatives

Interface businesses have developed innovative strategies for reducing our transportation emissions from internal policies and guidance on shipping to incentives for choosing more efficient alternatives.

  • We select the most efficient means of shipping for every occasion – using rail and ship when reasonable and avoiding next day delivery whenever possible.
  • Several Interface locations provide incentives to encourage employees to carpool or take public transportation.
  • Our employees in the UK are rewarded with cash for selecting company cars with lower emission levels.